Wishing all communication professionals a successful 2013

January 2, 2013

in PR

Happy New Year!  Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and wealthy 2013.

Being happy in your work is one of the best feelings in my view and when you’re working on something which ticks all your boxes, it feels great and is usually a success.

Here are some of the PR triumphs of 2012 which made not only those working on the individual projects happy but which brought a smile to lots of people’s faces.

BBC Sport/Olympics Link

The London 2012 Olympics were a triumph not only for the incredible athletes but also for the sponsors, spectators at the Park and those watching on TV and online.  The sheer scale of the numbers involved in the social media campaign conducted by the Olympics communication team are just one indication of the PR triumph that was London 2012:

  • In excess of 35 million people engaged with #TeamGB or #OurGreatestTeam
  • The Closing Ceremony tweet received over 65,000 Retweets and the Opening Ceremony Tweet received 45,000 Retweets
  • #TeamGB averaged at 1.8 million views per day with peaks on August 4th/12th at over 2.8 million

Sea Containers House on London’s South Bank is being developed into a luxury hotel and offices and this image from the 1977 Golden Jubilee was used as part of the building’s revamp. A perfect backdrop to the Diamond Jubilee Flotilla, this idea was created and turned around in just seven weeks.  A survey conducted after the event found that:

  • 22% of respondents were interested to hear further information about Sea Containers
  • 8% of respondents were key business decision makers
  • 48% felt that Sea Containers was a cultural icon throughout the Jubilee celebrations

Newsround – Giant Lego Advent Calendar

I loved the Lego advent calendar in Covent Garden too. A simple idea executed brilliantly.

Felix Baumgartner’s Skydive

I watched Felix Baumgartner’s jump from his Red Bull sponsored capsule whilst visiting family in Texas.  We were glued to the TV as were the record breaking eight million people watching the live streams on YouTube.  As a result, the company has been valued at £5bn.

Article – www.telegraph.co.uk ‘Red Bull ‘worth £5bn’ after Felix Baumgartner skydive’

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