Getting to the heart of the story

February 21, 2013

in Content, PR, Training

I love writing so discovering, creating and sharing my clients’ stories is one of my favourite things to do.  While writing is not as scary as speaking in public can be, putting words down on paper can be a challenge. My tip to help you create compelling content is to write down who you are writing for, what you want them to do/think differently when they’ve finished reading and what three messages you’d like them to know. Once you’ve done this, apply the six simple analysis techniques above and you’ll be on the way to writing compelling content.Generating content to refresh your website, submit to a magazine, fill your social media channels or from your newsletter is vital to help you get yourself found by people already learning about and shopping for your products and services. Check out my Content page for ways we can help you sow the seeds of knowledge about your company by for example:

  • drafting or polishing your website content
  • providing a calendar of ideas for Twitter, your blog, LinkedIn profile and Facebook
  • producing podcasts and web TV programmes
  • creating print and online newsletters
  • writing articles for your website to keep it fresh for customers
  • researching and generating white papers for B2B communication

To find out how we can either train you to create compelling content or provide you with a library of material to get started, contact us and book yourself onto one of our practical join the dots training courses.

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