Sowing Your Seeds Online training webinar

April 23, 2013

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Happy St George’s Day!  Today was a big day not only for the patron saint of England but also for Grand Union Training as part of the Teapot Training trio!

The three trainers from Teapot Training

The three trainers from Teapot Training

At lunchtime today the first Teapot Training webinar, took place to an enthusiastic audience of fine food and drink producers and retailers.  I was joined by Debbie Jones of Imaging Essence and Sally Dorling of Marketing Foods and together we covered:

Online webinars for fine food and drink producers and retailers  My top PR and content tips for online promotion include:

1. The key to effective online content is to identify your audiences, objectives and messages to act as a reference tool for everything you write

2. Remember you are having a conversation with your customers, not producing a sales advertisement, sharing trivia from your daily life or talking about yourself all the time

3. Write about what your audiences are interested in and link this to your products or services to help engage the reader: think about what’s in it for them

4. Create a content calendar so you can avoid writer’s block when you’re busy: Grand Union Content can help you with this.  Include calls to action and evaluation methods so that you can track your success

5. Link all your social media activity together and drive readers back to your website e.g. write a blog post; promote on LinkedIn; tweet; add it to you Facebook page; post a how-to version on Google+; send it out as a newsletter; create some visuals for Pinterest; shoot a short video for YouTube; create a link for your email sign off…..

6. Test your website’s online credentials with a free review at

7. Write the right type of copy for each social media channel: for example, Twitter (cocktail party so short and sweet); Facebook (coffee morning so more chatty); and LinkedIn (business meeting so informative)

8. Plan time into your diary to keep everything refreshed.  Use systems like Hootsuite to keep on top of things

9. The easiest way to create new content is to recycle existing information in a different format.  Infographics are effective as are lists, how-to guides, white papers and PDF ebooks

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