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Fiona Hunter low resI’ve worked with nutritionist Fiona Hunter for a number of years on behalf of some of my foodie clients and I’m delighted to share her nutritional views as she launches her new website,

Fiona explains her philosophy on nutrition; “My approach to healthy eating is based on the principle that ‘there’s no such thing as a bad food only bad diets’. Of course some foods are healthier than others but, providing most of what you eat most of the time is healthy and balanced, that’s enough.

Food is one of life’s great pleasures or at least it should be and it’s important to enjoy the food you eat. It’s also important that you look after your body – it’s the only one you’ve got and it’s got to last a lifetime so you need to cherish it.  Although choosing a healthy diet is just one part of the ‘looking-after-your-body’ jigsaw – I believe it’s a pretty fundamental part.”

Fiona is based in west London and the southwest of France and loves her life as a freelance as no two days are ever the same.  “I may be counting calories and doing nutritional analyses for recipes in magazines like delicious or for a book one day, the next I could be creating briefing documents or running journalist workshops on a holistic approach to skin health for Simple Skincare on nutrition and skin and then I turn to updating my blog.

Fiona Hunter recipe shot 2Having written a lot for magazines which typically have long lead times, I felt that I wanted an outlet to let people know about my news and views on nutrition as soon as a story hits the news agenda.  I am passionate about nutrition and I understand how people can become easily confused about the messages they absorb on and off line with the result that they don’t know who to trust.  My approach is to offer sensible, evidence based, realistic and credible advice and comment – let me know what you think on my blog.”

Fiona Hunter recipe shotWhen it comes to giving advice on cooking, Fiona leans towards the simple, honest, quick, easy and healthy dishes that she would cook at home.  “I’m not a trained home economist but with my knowledge of nutrition I am able to create recipes which help maintain optimum health.  While my Twitter profile @fiona_nutrition highlights the fact that I love marmite, Cornish pasties and peanut butter but not necessarily at the same meal, I err on the side of fridge soup, eggs, fish and fruit and vegetables when at home.  I’m not a saint though and salty and fatty food like bacon and sweet treats like chocolate both form part of my healthy balanced diet.  My advice is to enjoy what you eat and don’t feel guilty about it.”

Recipe images courtesy of British Asparagus – enjoy it while it’s in season.

Today I’m handing over my blog to Karen Pawlowska of Take One TV who, as an ex BBC trained video production specialist, has over 25 years’ experience in producing videos to help businesses promote themselves. Karen is going to share her tips on how to create effective web video.

But first, have a look at my first video which Karen made for me on ‘What is PR?’ YouTube video 10001

Over to you Karen.

“Video on websites is a hugely powerful marketing tool which is easily within the reach of almost any business. With your video hosted on You Tube and linked back to your website, you are 53 times more likely to be found when someone knows they want your service or product, but doesn’t yet know you!

Now, of course getting people to your website with the advantage that video gives you with improved SEO isn’t all you need to think about.  Afterall, what’s the point of getting people to your site, if the site itself doesn’t reflect your business or brand in the right way, or indeed the video isn’t well-produced with perhaps poor sound or ill constructed images?   It would be a bit like getting people along to a High Street shop and then having an untidy and uninteresting window display – a big turn off.

However, don’t think that you need to be a multimillion pound business to have quality video on your site.  These days, and especially for small businesses that are people to people lead, such as delis, estate agents, cafés, professional services and so on, a 60 second web shot, or to use the technical lingo ‘piece to camera’  – from the business owner can be very cost effective.  It’s at least equivalent to the cost of an advertisement in a local paper, or production of a flyer for door drops, but it lasts for much longer and has greater impact.

WebShots2 Pix low resTo create an effective webshot you’ll need to focus on three key points that you want people to remember from your video.   The attention span of viewers is short, particularly when it’s just one person speaking to them, so remember to cover no more than three points and include a strong call to action.

Then with your three key points in mind, you need to write the script, we often help our clients with this but usually it’s best for them to write the initial words and we can help tweak them for the filming.

After you’ve written the first set of words, read them out loud, and perhaps record them onto your mobile phone or PC, then listen back to see how it flows and feels. Remember, there are no are no full stops, commas or paragraphs in the spoken word!  Also, when writing, we rarely use contractions, or shortened forms for words, but when writing to be read aloud, it’s essential to use short forms.

For instance, instead of ‘And we will be talking about how you will find us’ becomes, ‘And we’ll be talking about how you’ll find us.’

Now read your script aloud again, and again, and again – however, don’t learn the words verbatim – it takes a very skilled person to deliver direct to camera in a way that doesn’t sound false after they’ve got the words stuck in their brain.  The best thing to do there is have a good feel for what you want to say, and then choose a video production company that will provide you with teleprompting facilities.  That way you don’t have to strain over the words themselves, but can concentrate on the delivery and performance areas.

To give you an idea of some different businesses that have successfully used webshots, have a look at these examples:







Or visit our website:







Or our You Tube Channel:



The next thing to think about is what to wear for your webshot – but that’s for another blog!

Today’s blog is all about making clickable recipe videos to attract customers by ex BBC cameraman Lee Curran who now runs recipe video production company,  Foodie-Me, @foodie_me.

Lee has filmed with the best chefs in the world, and with his expertise and using the very latest equipment and technology, Foodie-Me offers food producers and cookery equipment companies the chance to have their own video at a low cost.  Video is an incredibly effective communication channel which should be part of every foodie company’s (and their PR’s!) batterie de cuisine.

“Video allows you to engage with your customers by demonstrating your kitchen gadgets and highlighting the excellence of your food products. On the internet, we prefer to ‘see’ something before we ‘read’ it. While we (at best) skim through blocks of written material, we will take the time to watch a professionally-produced video presentation.

If your website has got video, it becomes ‘sticky’ and customers hang around that little bit longer to find out about what you’re offering. A video demonstrating how a business works along with customer testimonials provides solid evidence of what you’re all about, and it pulls the emotional triggers in a way that a page of static text with a few photographs simply can’t match.

In every recipe there are a number of ingredients and kitchen gadgets which are needed to make the final dish.  We bring these two elements together in one video which is then tailored for each participating company. Sharing the cost of the video with other producers makes the video accessible to all sizes of food business and will look like it was only meant for your produce/gadget as your version will be edited with your company logo and contact details.

Our own chef will prepare recipes using your own produce/gadget which will be showcased along with the others that are in that particular recipe.  Edits will be made showing your personal logo and contact details so that the resulting film will be bespoke and personal to your company.

Not only will Google rank your website higher with a well-made video, you can now promote your product in a revolutionary way by clicking interactively onto objects or food being used during the recipe making.  Any food ingredient, utensils, gadgets, pans, knives, chopping board, condiments etc. which have an information icon hovering over them is clickable.

Clickable video will engage a viewer to find out more, and with one simple click will be taken to your website (or indeed anywhere you would like the link to go, such as a distributor or shop) where the product can be bought immediately, thus making an impulse buy more likely. The films will also be uploaded to our own Foodie-Me website to showcase our work and give you extra advertising.

This is how we make food videos affordable. By paying a nominal fee of £200 per product inclusion, you get a quality edited HD video for your website which can be promoted in any way you wish via social media to make recipes engaging and exciting for your viewers.”

Salmon Risotto

Creme Brûlée

Peppered Steak


Today I’m delighted to welcome Mark Harris of Enterprise Doctor to share his views on outsourcing:

“As a business delivering a service to businesses, Enterprise Doctor can be described as an outsource business – instead of doing something yourself, you get us to do it.  Outsourcing can certainly have negative stigmas attached to it: there can be concerns about replacing existing staff with staff elsewhere, who may be in another country reducing the tax paid to the UK government or in this country but on a lower salary with worse working conditions than existing staff.

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