Join the dots

This week has seen IFE13 and the Vitality Show take place in London and what amazed me is the range of PR effort that went into both exhibitions.

IFE is one of the world’s most important food exhibitions which takes place every two years, yet some stands looked like they’d been thrown together at the last minute (be ashamed WI Foods), press information was conspicuous by its absence in the majority of cases and online promotion was sadly lacking.  I couldn’t help but think that for a lot of companies the investment they’d made in the show had been wasted because they hadn’t joined up their sales and marketing dots.  It’s just astounding that the press offices weren’t bulging at the seams and that stands weren’t geared to collecting data and engaging customers.  Hats off to The Good Whey Company who did a fantastic job at the Vitality Show with sampling, great press information, give-aways and a competition-led research activity geared at getting retailers to stock the new product, Upbeat. It’d be interesting to know if those speciality foods, artisan producers and health & wellbeing exhibitors who had thought about their branding and told their story visually and via a press release got better feedback than those who didn’t:  my money’s on a resounding yes!

My eye was caught by some great products at both exhibitions:

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Sometimes though, people in business make communication mistakes which mean that they, their business’s reputation and their teams are less than happy.

Take for example the classic example of Shell and Greenpeace over the disposal of Brent Spar. The science was on Shell’s side but the company’s handling of this crisis and its communication plan dented its global reputation as well as Greenpeace lost credibility.

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